Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magdalena reversed her diabetes

Magdalena struggled with binge eating and a stressful job which caused her to put on a lot of weight. After a blood test, her doctor told her she had type 2 diabetes.

I have yo-yo’ed my whole life. I last about a month before I cheat. Sometimes I can pick myself up and go back at it. More often, I binge.  
My fasting blood sugar was 155. My ac1 was 6.7. The list of uh-ohs was long, and my mind blurred. I had begun a journey with diabetes. My heart was pounding, and all I could hear was, “Avoid bread.” 
Armed with nothing more than a bunch of bad news, I went to work.
Researching everything I could find. I started, of course, with the ADA (American Diabetes Association). Everything on there seemed wrong. Fruit flavored yogurt? Huh? So, I went back to the 4-hour body book I yo-yo’ed with once. Slow carbs. That might be the ticket. 
Then, in January of this year I stumbled on the Reversing Diabetes group on Facebook. I read, and read, and read. I asked a dumb question about why beans aren’t ok. I started following the advice to the letter. 
This last 6 months have been amazingly easy and satisfying. I don’t fantasize about food. I don’t crave those awful donuts in the lounge. I eat freely and on plan every single day. 
I have now lost 48 lbs (22 kg) and reduced my a1c to 5.4 with the help of just LCHF [low carb, high fat]. My doctor reduced my metformin [diabetes medication] three months ago, and as of yesterday told me to go off it. My blood pressure is normal. My headaches and sluggishness are gone. My body is healing. 
And I have reversed diabetes.

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