Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magdalena reversed her diabetes

Magdalena struggled with binge eating and a stressful job which caused her to put on a lot of weight. After a blood test, her doctor told her she had type 2 diabetes.

I have yo-yo’ed my whole life. I last about a month before I cheat. Sometimes I can pick myself up and go back at it. More often, I binge.  
My fasting blood sugar was 155. My ac1 was 6.7. The list of uh-ohs was long, and my mind blurred. I had begun a journey with diabetes. My heart was pounding, and all I could hear was, “Avoid bread.” 
Armed with nothing more than a bunch of bad news, I went to work.
Researching everything I could find. I started, of course, with the ADA (American Diabetes Association). Everything on there seemed wrong. Fruit flavored yogurt? Huh? So, I went back to the 4-hour body book I yo-yo’ed with once. Slow carbs. That might be the ticket. 
Then, in January of this year I stumbled on the Reversing Diabetes group on Facebook. I read, and read, and read. I asked a dumb question about why beans aren’t ok. I started following the advice to the letter. 
This last 6 months have been amazingly easy and satisfying. I don’t fantasize about food. I don’t crave those awful donuts in the lounge. I eat freely and on plan every single day. 
I have now lost 48 lbs (22 kg) and reduced my a1c to 5.4 with the help of just LCHF [low carb, high fat]. My doctor reduced my metformin [diabetes medication] three months ago, and as of yesterday told me to go off it. My blood pressure is normal. My headaches and sluggishness are gone. My body is healing. 
And I have reversed diabetes.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lyn's weight loss let her go places she couldn't go before

Lyn, who blogs at "Escape from Obesity", shares one victory that weight loss has done for her: she was able to join in her child's field trip to tour a submarine...

"...when we went down into the narrow halls and stairwells of the submarine itself, I did not have to squeeze. I did not have to turn sideways and hope my gut didn't knock something over. I fit JUST FINE. And THAT was such a victory to me. ... I fit without embarrassment and we had a great time together.

"THAT is what the past 8 years of blogging and working on my weight and health has done for me. I may not have stayed at goal, but I did not go back to hell, either. I can do so much more. Heck, at 278 pounds I could barely walk a block! Now, I was able to walk for miles on this field trip without issue.

"If you are stuck and miserable, please try. Yes, I know you've tried a million times. But try again. Don't give up. I had done every diet under the sun before it finally "stuck" and the weight started coming off for good. You never know which *try* will be the one that works. So keep trying, because your life can be so much better... and you don't even have to hit your goal, or be skinny, to have that better life. Twenty, thirty, or fifty pounds will make such a difference that you won't believe it. So try. Try because freedom from the food is the best gift you can ever give yourself! And you're worth it."

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