Thursday, November 19, 2015

Inspiration: Fit Jill

I discovered "FitJill1129" on Instagram -- so inspiring! Here are her own words...
I decided enough was enough. I can't keep buying a bigger size jeans every year. It was getting ridiculous. So I decided to make some changes... I began following Atkins and working out to Leslie Sansone videos off of Youtube. At first I could only do about 10 minutes which about killed me, but every few days I would add on another minute. Once I lost 50 lbs my reward to myself was joining a gym.  
I've lost 213 lbs (96kg) in 18 months. No surgery, products or professional help. I'm 48 and have hypothyroidism, pcos and insulin resistance. I... work out doing cardio and lifting heavy free weights most days.
You have to make a choice. Do you want to keep eating your favorite foods or do you want to lose weight? Because you can't have both. Eating the way you are now is what caused you to gain weight and if you keep eating the same way, you will keep weighing the same. If you want to lose weight you have to change the way you eat, and not just kinda sorta. If you kinda, sorta change the way you eat, you'll kinda sorta get results. 
...if you want to make major changes to your body, you'll have to make major changes to your lifestyle. The lifestyle you're living is what's got you the body you have. Yes, it's hard. I know that. Sometimes you will spend all day battling your mind. Your mind will try to talk you into cheating, but don't let it. This journey is not only about losing weight, it's about learning how to deal with life and adversity without turning to food.
If you want to lose weight and change your body, it's a 100% effort.... Think of it like an alcoholic giving up drinking. You're going to have to fight for it if you want it. Have a plan before you go to bed at night. Know exactly what you will eat, when and where. Picture it your mind. Make sure you have the foods you need on hand. Avoid unexpected trips to the store where there is too much temptation. Drive home a different way if there is a place that tempts you along the way. Know what your weaknesses are and go out of your way to avoid them.
Way to go, Jill! Keep inspiring us! 

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