Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Super-easy, super-quick 7-minute workout

And when I say, super-easy, I mean all you have to do is watch the screen -- well, okay, and do the exercises! But there's minimal thinking involved! Once you click "START", there's a visual depiction of each exercise, and a counter that ticks down the seconds you have left.

This is just an image. The link to the video is at the bottom of the post.

And as for quick? Who doesn't have seven minutes?! And each set is only 30 seconds. And this isn't even seven minutes of solid exercise; there are 10-second rests in between!

A tip: I put my laptop on the fourth step of my stairway, and use the first two steps when the instructions call for using a chair. This is more stable, and it also lets me use a higher or lower stair to accommodate my fitness level.

For someone in moderate shape, most of the exercises will be doable. But if you're in beginner shape, or some of the moves are too hard, you can still adapt the moves as needed. Here are a few ways:

- When the instructions call for a chair, use the first step on a stairway. After a few workouts, try the second step, or alternate between the first and second.

- Instead of jumping up and down for the jumping jacks, just step out to the side as you raise your arms, and step back as you lower them. Switch sides at 15 seconds. When that gets easier, add in a jumping jack or two between each easier rep.

- Adjust the plank and push-up to your capability; start with doing them on your knees or the lowest stair, rather than your toes on the floor.

- Instead of high-knee running in place, do marching in place. As you get more fit, add more running in.

The last two exercises are the most difficult. For either or both of them, substitute an easier exercise of your choice. Here's one I like to use.

Want a harder workout? Do it two or three times through.

Here's the link: Seven-minute workout. Just click the big blue button that says, "START."

Need an even easier workout? That's okay! Check out these seated workouts.

So go! Start where you are today!

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