Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How much sugar is in your "health" food?

The SugarStacks website had photos of food and drinks, with a stack of sugar cubes showing how much sugar is in each serving.

Do you know how much sugar is in your granola bar? Smoothie? Orange juice? You might be surprised...

A "90 Calories, Lower Fat" granola bar has a little more sugar that the regular version. Neither one is health food.

One "Fat Free! Cholesterol Free! Low Sodium!" SnackWells cookie...

Beverages are the sneakiest! So many of them sound/feel so virtuous, but when you factor in the sugar, you probably wipe out any of the supposed health benfits.

For example. Jamba Juice Sunrise Banana Berry...

Vitamin Water, any flavor:

Sobe Mango Melon:

RockStar Energy Drink:

Orange juice; yes, they're natural sugars, but they affect your body the same way as refined sugar:

Apple juice. SugarStacks says, "Exactly as much sugar per ounce as Coca Cola."

Speaking of which:

Kick the sweet drink habit, and you could easily cut a significant amount of sugar out of your diet!

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